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Walk Reports

Walk Reports

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Auchnafree Hill and Loch Turret, Crieff - Saturday 16th July 2016

ReportsPosted by Iain Walker Sun, July 17, 2016 09:23:04

Fridays weather was torrential rain and I'm sure our leader Matt was wondering if that would have an affect on todays numbers, He need not have worried as 16 of us joined him in Kirkintilloch at 09:00 for todays walk,

We drove to the car park at Loch Turret, since it was the middle of July we expected to be wearing Shorts, T shirts, sunglasses etc., NOT today folks, the biting and strong wind meant we started with Fleeces, Jackets, Wooley hats and Gloves, this could have been an October Walk.

We headed along the LRT at the side of Loch Turret, this was mainly flat with the odd dip and crossing stream, it was at one of these streams that Matt called coffee and the in-shot gave us some shelter from the wind, we then continued along the track and in the far distance we could all view the cutting on the side of the hill that would be our route up to Auchnafree Hill

The end of the loch is where the track up joins, this was steep and after having walked on the flat for so long it gave the legs a good stretch, it took around 40 minutes to reach the point where we would leave the track and go left onto the open hillside for around 15 minutes where we reached the 2 stone cairns marking the top, the wind was continuing to bite and Matt announced Lunch would be taken back down at the track,

even on the track it was windy and Alan Thompson went for a wonder to the left where he found an In-shot out of the wind and again beside a stream.

After lunch and still all wrapped up we would head back by the same route, the descent down was just as difficult as the assent up and with a 90min walk along the side of the loch there were a few sore feet at the cars, it was here Anne Wilkie thanked Matt for his recce's and guidance today

Verdict:- a great walk for stretching the legs although next time put it in for October it may be warmer, thanks for a superb day. smiley