Walk Reports

Walk Reports

Walk Reports

Reports and comments on scheduled walks.

Duncolm - Saturday 23rd July 2016

ReportsPosted by Iain Walker Sun, July 24, 2016 09:32:10

As we were local today it was a 9 o'clock start, Joan was our leader and previous years this walk had been eventful to say the least and it was with some anticipation we regrouped at the back of the Milton Inn Dumbarton, a total of 15 (7 men & 8 Ladies) walked into the housing estate and a signposted path would be our route into the hills,
(Our route details below)

Very quickly we gained a friend when a dog from one of the local houses decided to bring a stick for some fun, reaching the road (still with said dog) we went left and up, on reaching a quarry road we turned right, we were now getting concerned the dog was following to far from his home, Eric put on his strict voice of authority telling him to go home!!!. Carrying on STILL WITH DOG! we met 3 foreign students who were looking for Loch Humphrey, Joan explained it was 3 miles away, they chose to turnaround and as a reward we gave them a dog to take back, Result!!!

Now back to 15 and on forestry track Joan guided us off track towards a small reservoir where we had coffee break,

From here we went on a sheep track size path, this was a new route for many of us and was more enjoyable than the man made bulldozed forestry road, at the end we crossed onto the Loch Humphrey track taking us around the loch onto the dam at the far end. this would also be the end of the decent paths as things would now get boggier as we headed for our target of Duncolm in the far distance

Passing some dog walkers and cyclists we reached the trig point that indicated we had arrived and Joan checking her notes and forever being the perfectionist informed us we were 30 seconds early,
(Group Photo on top of Duncolm)

After our extended lunch (By 30 seconds) on the top we returned to loch Humphrey by the same route, at the dam and with Joan standing on top with a video we had the Reservoir challenge where we lined up at the bottom, Joan gave the signal and we had to run up the embankment, it is with huge embarrassment I'm not saying who won,
(The Reservoir challenge ahead)
(Sorry Anne Your Eliminated from the next round)

At the end of the Loch we went back by the forestry road and onto the quarry road, here we again met the 3 Foreign students (No they didn't have the Dog) and they were now heading for loch Humphrey, we continued back and passing the housing all was quiet on the dog front, soon we were in the carpark where Hillary gave a resounding vote of thanks to Joan for all her recce's and a fantastic walk.
(Round of applause, I was even bowing)

Verdict; Well done Joan, done this walk with you many times think this was the first dry one, the new path was great and we must use that again, smiley
Photo's courtesy of Bob Cole.smiley