Walk Reports

Walk Reports

Walk Reports

Reports and comments on scheduled walks.

Tinto - Saturday 13th August 2016

ReportsPosted by Iain Walker Sun, August 14, 2016 09:06:12

Following a week of torrential rain 17 of us were relieved to be standing in a dry Kirkintilloch car park as we met for todays walk up Tinto - What could go wrong!!!.

Christine Pacione & Kathleen Brolly were our leaders and following the issuing of travel instructions, we all left in 5 cars, All went well at first in fact it was fine till around 1 mile from Tinto on the A73 when suddenly signs and cones to say "Road Closed", BOLLARDS!!! everywhere.

Road maps were quickly produced as we tried to find a local diversion, leaders consulted each other about a plan B, a local lady was Hijacked in her car to try and assist, no joy, then out of nowhere a knight in shining BMW arrived, Tinto! follow me, the convoy turned lefts and rights along single track roads and through villages that had never seen so much traffic then after 10 minutes we arrived opposite the Tinto Car Park, don't know who you were but thank you Sir, you saved the day,

We got ourselves ready and Christine ran through our route and plans for today Kathleen advised it was a bit boggy in places, only a short time on the main tourist path before we veered left across moorland, the boggy ground started here and continued in areas throughout the walk, soon we reached a track that would take us up through the valley, en-route we stopped for coffee and Kathleen went round with the treats for today, now all refreshed we continued on this track and eventually reached the tourist path again, this was our route to the top although as it is mainly loose stones walking can be difficult,

At the top you have a large cairn made of the said loose stones and a Trig Point to the right, and to the right would now be our route as we walked the fence line across the hills, after some time a faint track indicated our route off the hill and in the distance our target was the reservoir, once at the bottom and in a small cutting we stopped for lunch and looked back at where we had been,

After Lunch we continued around the reservoir to a field now full of cattle, as they all turned looking and moved towards us Christine wisely changed our route around the field to the road, a bit more boggy here however we avoided any confrontation,

A bit of road walking before we went left into trees and a path that would take us to a field near the cars, this was the final boggy area for today and arriving back at the cars Alan Gemmell offered thanks to our leaders and Christine for leading her first high walk.

Verdict;- What a start, Glad we got there as I wouldn't have wanted to miss this today Weather was kind and it contributed to a tremendous day, smiley