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Walk Reports

Walk Reports

Reports and comments on scheduled walks.

Birnham Hill from Hermitage Car Park. 20th August, 2016

ReportsPosted by Aileen McLay Sun, August 21, 2016 22:39:57
We had a great walk today which was lead by Ella & Anne W. To our great surprise and pleasure we had a totally dry day. The sun shone from time to time, the winds were light and the cloud was high. The odd ominous black clouds kindly drifted away without dousing us.

We had lovely views with a little haze in the far distance. The heather was in full bloom and covered all the surrounding hills. The colour was stunning and had to be seen to be believed. The warm honey scent of the heather accompanied us on most of the walk.

We started from the Hermitage car park and took the path that winds gently up through the forest by the side of the river. This was very pretty with the sun shining through the trees & the river running high. Then there was a short section on grass path & road.

We crossed over a bridge heading for our coffee stop. The waterfall tumbling down beside it was magnificent & very noisy! Here we turned left and climbed through the forest to a view point looking down on the river. After our break we headed down to cross the road and pick up the track which would take us to the moorland.

From here we climb steadily and as we gained height the views just got better & better. The track then disappeared and we were tramping through the "blooming heather". We had a short but interesting descent through the aforementioned heather & some extremely long grass before reaching our lunch stop at the foot of Birnham Hill.

A narrow path which included ups, downs, twists & turns took us to the top of Brinham Hill (640m 1981ft). Again the views were lovely. It is a steep & sometimes tricky descent from Birnham which drops through woodland until you reach the track. Then it's a short walk back to the car park.

As the whole club knows, leaders lie and tell us that "it's down hill all the way now". Well, Ella & Anne are the only two honest leaders in the S.K.R because from the top of Birnham back to the cars it was!

17 of us had a super walk today. A big thank you to Ella & Ann for making it so.