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Walk Reports

Walk Reports

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The Nebit and Beyond - Saturday 10th September 2016

ReportsPosted by Iain Walker Sun, September 11, 2016 07:21:38

During the week weather had been heavy rain, On Friday night strong winds had joined in, so it was with a bit of apprehension that 12 of us met in sunshine and blue skies in Kirkintilloch for todays walk in the Ochils.

Frank Duffy was our leader and instructed us to head to the Alva Glen car park where we would be setting off from, once there 2 visitors who had found us on the internet introduced themselves, Ann from Eastwood and Morris who was a local from Alloa, this now made us a party of 14.

Leaving the car park we walked along the Alva Glen trail path to the bridge where we took in the view of the waterfall and with the weeks rain still coming off the hills it was quite spectacular, onwards and ducking under a pipe we were now onto the open hillside.

In the past we have walked this area using several tracks however Frank had decided to spice it up a bit by walking the old track to the top, personally I have never gone this way before, it was possibly shorter than the new route although definitely steeper as you go straight up the hill, on the way up Frank took us left to a view point and with the clear skies we had great views all around even spotting the tips of the new Forth Crossing, there was also a Brazier so those of you who thought Dumyat was the only hill in the Ochils with the Brazier sorry to disappoint.. we continued up till we reached a flattish area where we had coffee stop, again more views were taken in.

Now only 10 minuets to the top and although we still had blue skies and sunshine a wind was blowing so we put on a fleece, as we celebrated the first part of the walk.Continuing on we went down the other side of the hill eventually picking up the Silverglen LRT, we would follow this track to the end, around us were many of the hills we have walked over the years, Taking a left at the end we headed over moorland where finding a flat spot we had Lunch.

On from here we would start to head down the ridge,

Guys were certainly outnumbered today

The "Ladies"

We were now on another LRT and would be on this for around 2 miles before reaching the path that at the start took us up "The Nebit" complete circle done, it was now down the hillside again and through the popular Alva Glen trail to the car park where Anne Wilkie thank Frank for a great days walking "In Sunshine"

Verdict;- Superb walk, Frank your local knowledge of the hills is unquestionable, the adjusted route to the Nebit was perfect AND we came home dry smiley.

Photos courtesy of Frank Duffy.