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Walk Reports

Walk Reports

Reports and comments on scheduled walks.

Duncolm - Saturday 17th September 2016

ReportsPosted by Iain Walker Sun, September 18, 2016 13:00:53

Reading the subject heading you will be saying, they walked that a few weeks ago!!!, Certainly while the end target would be the same, the walk itself would be totally different, it started from a different location and this time Dave McKenzie would be leading,

Parking at the Carpark on Cochno Road the group total was 21, weather would remain dry throughout the day and the sun even made some welcome appearances.

Still in the car park and before the walk started Dave pulled an ace out of the pack, a visit to the Cochno Stone, Just 100 yards away is a 6000 year old stone that has been unearthed for only 2 weeks by Glasgow University geologists, as we stood at the cordon you could clearly see the historical markings engraved into the rock along with the 21st century markings of "Jimmy luvs Senga" hence the reason it will be covered over again shortly!!!.

Now back at the start we went up the road marked Jaw Reservoir and shortly we would go through a gate onto the open hillside, this gate would be the first of around 10 we would have to go through today, reaching the dam we had coffee sitting on the wall admiring the view across the Clyde of Paisley and the planes landing at the airport,

Onwards on sheep tracks and moorland we then reached Cochno Loch, a bit boggy here as we went round the edge of the water line, at the end you then had a clear view of Duncolm in the distance and the track up, however we still had to negotiate crossing a couple of burns and the moorland, a final push we would be on top of Duncolm where we had lunch in the sunshine.

The Return route would be back to Cochno Loch however instead of going round the edge we went up the hill onto the path on the top, from here we went back down to the loch, this time turning left down the road, and as we passed farms and houses we reached the other end of Cochno road before a short walk back to the carpark where Archie thanked Dave for his recce's, planning and guidance today

Verdict; First walk in 24 years that I've experienced a geological dig, we also discovered that walking the same hill weeks apart can show no resemblance to each other, and all done in sunshine, well done Dave smiley.