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Walk Reports

Walk Reports

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Cairn Table 1st, October, 2016

ReportsPosted by Aileen McLay Sat, October 01, 2016 23:34:56
The scheduled walk for today was Douglas Circular, but after an awful recce which featured, dire weather, a wind farm under construction, an endless new deer fence with no visible means of crossing, Ella & Ann had to abort the recce. As a result of their adventure today's walk was changed to Cairn Table.

It was a lovely Autumn morning as 15 of us headed to Muirkirk in Ayrshire. We encountered some mist enroute but this soon cleared and the sun was shining as we left the aptly named Walkers car park heading for Cairn Table (593m).

It was a gradual ascent and descent on good grass paths & moorland track. In some places it was wet & a bit boggy underfoot but considering all the rain we have had this week it was only to be expected.

The actual cairn at the top of the hill was built by the local community and is an impressive & touching memorial to the men who were killed in the 1st world war.

After the descent we had a leisurely lunch sitting in warm sunshine beside a gurgling burn. It does not get much better than that. Instead of heading straight back to the cars we did another loop which meandered along the river bank until we came to Tibby's Brigg. Alan G. explained the naming of the bridge.

In 1741 Tibby was born lame & unfortunate in appearance, but she was a poet, talented musician, dispenser of whiskey & owner of the local Howff which was situated beside the bridge. Rabbie Burns immortalized one of her poems, Call the yowes ta the knowes, by using it as the lyric for one of his ballads.

Our walk back to the cars was on the first ever tarmacadam road and on the way we passed the ruined home of its inventor.

All day the visibility was fantastic & the scenery stunning. As far as the eye could see we were surrounded by hills & moorland in their glorious Autumn colours. It was such a feel good day and everybody was in fine form.

A big thank you to Ella & Anne for doing yet another recce and leading today's very enjoyable & interesting walk.