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Walk Reports

Walk Reports

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South Black Hill Circular - Saturday 15th October 2016

ReportsPosted by Iain Walker Sun, October 16, 2016 09:27:18

On what can only be described as a dreich day 17 hardy members met in Kirkintilloch, today we were heading east and the forecast over there was no better, Our leader was Aileen and after the distribution of directions we departed for Harlaw Car Park in the Pentlands.

Data: Distance 19.7 km, Total Ascent 515m, Elapsed time 5h 30m.
Light red variation the intended (recce) route.

En-route the flooded roads and puddles would give us an indication of what to expect today.
Once there we were met by our Man in the east Charliesmiley who brought our total to 18.
Immediately waterproofs were put on along with gaiters as this would be our only defence against the rain today. Aileen tried to cheer us up at the start by mentioning there would be a coffee break when we reached the pumping station at the Threipmuir reservoir.

The route there was new and meant we arrived from the Left side this put a new slant on the paths. After coffee and "treats" we headed along a path many of us have walked in the past.

On reaching the end at the decent we changed things by turning right,

avoiding the odd cyclist and runner.
We eventually arrived near the Threipmuir car park area.
A few soggy bottoms.Here we swung left this path would gradually rise in height until we reached the gate,

Here we would have lunch in the well used "dip" although today there was not to much shelter from the rain which continued to come down.

Due to the weather, lunch was curtailed and as we moved on, in the distance we could see the bottom area of South Black Hill and Scald law, the mist blocked any chance of seeing the top 3/4 and certainly no chance of any views at the top, arriving at the path that would take us up Aileen gathered us together and we discussed our options, although the rain had stopped the mist continued to block the views and the wise decision was made to go around Scald law picking up the original path at the far end.

Once here we came down to the house at the end of Loganlee Reservoir and we would be on Tarmac road until we reached the path at Kings hill.
Once here we turned left and this would be our final section, however as we were about to move off a van arrived with 2 soldiers who told us they had cadets out on the hills and that they were waiting to give them instructions on a further 6k walk, (We certainly felt energetic on hearing that) we were now having to drag the girls away explaining that they weren't Commandos or SAS although they did kindly give us a detailed Map of the area.

As we reached the top, in the distance we could see our final goal of the trees and the car park, where Anne Wilkie offered our thanks to Aileen for her leadership and decision making today.

Aileen keeps a tight grip of her MOD map as we say thank you.

Verdict:- The rain certainly played a major part today, its the only thing you can't control, great decision not to go up Scald Law and fair to say we were all "Drookit", otherwise an enjoyable walk and a good day out, Thank you Aileen. smiley
Images Courtesy of Robert Cole.