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Walk Reports

Walk Reports

Reports and comments on scheduled walks.

Round Narnain - Saturday 22nd October 2016

ReportsPosted by Iain Walker Sun, October 23, 2016 09:08:33
On a Sunny Autumn Morning, 13 members left Kirkintilloch, the rendezvous point was the car park at Succoth, Arrocher, joint leaders were Robert & Anne Bain, and once a reasonable £1 all day parking was paid we crossed the road to the Zig Zag path that takes many to the Cobbler, Narnain and Ime,

Walking the path we reached the Bench at the radio mast where we turned right and walked along the forestry road, en route having a coffee break in a clearing at the side. to the delight of many the treats contained Maltesers and with the sun shining we were all enjoying the break,

Once all completed we continued on the track for several more miles.
At the end we reached a small dam and river area where many may recall the Glen Loin loop walk path joins from our right, for us it wasn't going to be that easy as we went left along a LRT and in the far distance was the "wall" which would be the big challenge for today.

At the end of the path Robert called a short lunch break in order for us to re-energize a bit before we tackle the wall, indications were it wasn't going to be easy as Anne tried to soften the blow and again went round with more treats.

Moving on and across the style we were at the foot of the wall, we had already reached a good height via the track, this would be more a short sharp shock and would be a case of everyone going at their own pace and regrouping at the top.

We all huffed and puffed a bit however everyone got there with their own sense of achievement. looking around we now realized where we were as we saw people coming down Narnain, going up Ime and of course the crowds on the path going up and down the Cobbler.

We continued across and picked up the main path that feeds these hills and joined the large amount of walkers and they headed on their way back back down, i also have to say many were also heading on their way up even at this time of the day.

Passing a small dam, Anne stopped us and handed out our reward for today, Jelly Babies, now joining the top section of the zig zag path that would take us down to the radio mast and bench, from there a short 10 Minutes back to the car park where Anne Wilkie gathered the group as we offered our thanks to Robert and Anne for a great days walking.

Verdict;- Teriffic walk on a good dry and mainly sunny day, i have walked down the "wall" many times but never gone up that was a first for me and certainly challenging however it was the icing on a tasty cake, well done Robert and Anne. smiley