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Walk Reports

Walk Reports

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The Shores of Loch Katrine

ReportsPosted by Liz Paterson Sun, November 06, 2016 09:13:25


We certainly will as the above walk wasn't a DAMP SQIB but an absolute super duper BANGER. I was SHELL SHOCKED to see many walkers join me for this walk. 25 of us left Southbank Kirkintilloch for a long but enjoyable drive to the starting point of this walk which was Stronalacher Pier past Aberfoyle. This was a fantastic starting point, with free parking, a Tea room and Toilets. After a head count of this large group we set off back along the road for a short stretch, before turning left onto a private water board road for approx. 2 miles with Loch Katrine on our left and FALLING LEAVES all around. Just before Royal Cottage we stopped for our long awaited morning tea. Tea time over, it was now time to partake the long never ending uphill path. This was taken at a nice slow steady pace with few stops to take in the magnificent all round views. A little boggy in places but with the sun shining no one seemed to bother. We passed a number of shafts (these are water towers which go about a mile and a half underground pumping the water into the loch ) Our descent took us down into Loch Ard forest until we joined a new path which was formed four years ago. This runs parallel with the main road. We had our lunch stop overlooking Loch Arklett . It was an absolute SPARKLER as the sun was shining over it. During lunch the wind got up and it was rather chilly so as soon as everyone was fed and refreshed it was time to be like JUMPING JACKS and move on. After crossing the main road to resume the new track we were soon back at the pier. The FINALE was when a £10 blew into the loch and Frances went to retrieve it.

Written by Liz Paterson.

Photos by Ann Blair.

Thanks to all who turned out for this amazing walk.

Photos to follow.