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Walk Reports

Walk Reports

Reports and comments on scheduled walks.

Barr Hill Circuit Saturday 14th January 2017

ReportsPosted by Bob Cole Sat, January 14, 2017 18:16:35
On a fine, sunny, still, cool, winter day, 23 hardy ramblers led by Ailsa and Aileen thoroughly enjoyed the local Barr Hill circuit, substituted at short notice, replacing the scheduled walk cancelled due to potentially difficult road conditions elsewhere.

Data: Distance 16.2 km, Total Ascent 325 m, Elapsed Time 5h 9m.
This walk was identical to that done on 24 Jan 2015, in similar fine weather also then substituting for a scheduled walk.

Starting in Twechar main street we ascended Barr Hill
where the Roman Fort was clearly set out with excellent views around (both for us and the Romans, who had left some time before without giving a forwarding address).

We descended parallel to the Antonine Wall, part of the Roman installations,
using different techniques, such as semi-skiing,
or sledging, notice the two trails and two brave hurtling bodies on plastic,
finishing in a final triumphant skidding halt, identified as Iain and Moira.
No SR walk can be complete without joggers showing us how it could be done quicker,
Blessed coffee time came on Croy Hill, the varying blue sky magical.
Turning again W. we joined the Marina at Auchinstarry, and thought about sailing away in a beautiful pea-green boat, (Edward Lear, the Owl and the Pussycat), belonging to Neil and Christine(?), but decided that 23 sailors might be too many.
Passing the marina basin, ice covered,
we came to the Auchinstarry Quarry site where lunch was taken in the sunshine.
Lunch that is for swans,
looking to have a free meal from Charlie,
but sorry nothing doing.

The next stage took us to Kilsyth and into Colzium Park, where we enjoyed a view over the Kilsyth outdoor Bowling Green (put in by rjc on a whim, but nobody else noticed).
through a delightful woodland path,
then following a riverside path, tributary of the Kelvin,
Emerging on to the main road, our leader Ailsa completely ignored the mandatory road signals, surging ahead through the red light regardless,
The Strathkelvin walking traffic was also clearly uncontrolled,

We re-entered Twechar crossing the Forth & Clyde canal, iced over,
to finish with a usual VoT this time given by Anne.
Yes Ailsa is the one looking like a hooligan wearing a dark hoodie.
The two A-listed leaders deserve to go to the top of the class, to A* classification for a great walk in good company on a fine winter day. Well done Aileen + Ailsa.