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Walk Reports

Walk Reports

Reports and comments on scheduled walks.

Harbour Hill Castlelaw Pentlands Circular Sat 15 Jul 2017

ReportsPosted by Bob Cole Sat, July 15, 2017 21:58:55
The scheduled walk Ben Chonzie being ruled out by an atrocious weather forecast, leader Aileen decided that to go East was a better option; a Pentlands circular from Harlaw was chosen. Weather was cloudy, slight mist rain, humid, mild. Eight hardy souls joined together on the hike.

Data: Distance 14.8 km, Elapsed time 5:09, Total Ascent approx 580m.
Harlaw Car Park: do we put wet gear on or not?

Soon we were heading up Harbour Hill,with views of the Firth and the new road bridge triple towers in the middle distance (look very hard).

At the top Frank was suspicious of the Space Odessey 2001-type object that landed in the night.

Next on the hill list was Capelaw Hill and then Allermuir Hill.
Joggers there were aplenty.
Finally we get to the viewpoint on Allermuir Hill, the weather closing in, so not a lot to see.

Next on the agenda was Castlelaw Hill. Unfortunately the military had got there first and insisted on letting off their fireworks, or was it firing their guns? Anyway we were not allowed to go into the area by the red flag message.
So we went around Castlelaw Hill instead.

Frank remembered the Earth House, an ancient communal food cellar.

Bob found inside two hikers sheltering from the Scottish summer, eating their lunch.
On a gate memories of small boys and model gliders were ignited, now flown by big dads.

Through Castlelaw and on down to the attractive Glencorse Reservoir.

The final stretch Westwards back towards Harlaw took in attractive fields of (wheat, barley?) and bike riders enjoying the Pentlands like us.
Finally finally it was time for the usual VoT to Aileen, proposed by Anne.
Good decision Aileen NOT to go to Ben Chonzie. Well led, good company.