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Walk Reports

Walk Reports

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Doughnot Hill and Lang Craigs – Saturday 11th November 2017

ReportsPosted by Archie Sun, November 12, 2017 12:43:43

The day did not start well as one of the joint leaders for the day had to pull out because of a sudden family illness. Fortunately, this was the last of the bad news for the day as Marion did a great job in leading our group of 18 around the network of paths and tracks in the Kilpatrick Hills.

A dozen of us set off from Southbank car park on a beautiful clear day to meet up with another 6 members who had made their own way to the starting point at Overtoun House, just outside Dumbarton.

We had prepared for a cold day and although cold at times, we also enjoyed some spells of warm sunshine. Thankfully we did not get any of the rain and hail we experienced the previous week in the Ochils.

The route for the day is shown below. The distance was 11km and the ascent was 438m. The duration was just under 5 hours.

Having set off from the car park, one of the group suddenly realised they didn’t have their walking poles with them and, just as they returned from collecting them, someone else discovered they had left their backpack in the car! So, after a couple of false starts and some resultant hilarity, we finally got underway.

Overtoun House:

Dumbarton Rock in the distance:

Coffee Break:

After you:

Are we nearly there yet, Marion?

Doughnot Hill:

Black Linn Reservoir:

Lunch time:

Homeward bound:

Many thanks to Marion for a job well done. You kept your cool after finding yourself in a difficult situation and succeeded in getting us all to Doughnot Hill and back safely. It was a great walk and a very enjoyable day out in the Kilpatrick Hills (and there were no taxis in sight!).

Photos by Evelyn.