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Walk Reports

Walk Reports

Reports and comments on scheduled walks.

Coire Fhionn Lochan, Meall Briorach and Glen Catacol (Arran) - Saturday 12th May 2018

ReportsPosted by Webmaster Mon, May 14, 2018 12:30:10
By sheer co-incidence, an identical number of walkers (13), albeit at the earlier time of 05:30, set off from Southbank to travel to Ardrossan to catch the 07:00 ferry to Arran. What a day we had! The sun shone from early on and was still shining when we arrived back in Kirkintilloch after a wonderful day in Arran.

On arrival at Ardrossan, we were joined by Caroline for our ferry trip and when we reached Brodick, we had a welcoming committee of Eric and David McKenzie, who had made the sensible decision to stay overnight on Friday. Our group now comprised 16 eager hikers. After a pleasant bus journey almost half-way round the island, we set off from Mid Thundergay to head for Coire Fhionn Lochan. We stopped here for our coffee break in a beautiful setting. At this point, we split into two groups, the larger group continued the climb to Meall Briorach and the other group taking the more direct route to Glen Catacol. On three separate occasions during the steep descent into Glen Catacol, we came across some adders, either warming themselves in the sun or involved in some mating activity.

Both groups met up at the Glen Catacol Hotel for some well-earned refreshments in the beer garden before catching the bus back to Brodick and the waiting ferry. All in all, it was a terrific day in stunning scenery, wonderful weather and great company. Huge thanks to our leaders Alan C, Alan T and Eric. The time, effort and expense involved in carrying out the recces and in leading the walks on the day is very much appreciated.

The route taken by the main group is shown below: (Green=start, Red=finish)

Position on the island:

If anyone has any photos taken on the day, please feel free to add them to this report or, if you are unsure of the process, you can email them to me and I will do the necessary.

Some images added by Bob Cole:


Additional photos kindly submitted by Caroline:

Visit to the Gurdwara Singh Sabba, Tuesday 18th April 2017

ReportsPosted by Webmaster Thu, April 20, 2017 12:01:55
This visit to the Gurdwara was suggested by Parmjit and organised by Parmjit and Bob Cole. For the large group who attended, it was an extremely interesting experience. Not only did we learn so much about the Sikh religion but we were made very welcome and invited to join our hosts for lunch in the langar.

Many thanks to Parmjit, Bob, Satnam, Surinder, Jaz and our main guide Kam for a very informative and enjoyable visit. The photos were taken by Bob and tell the story of the visit.

Beinn Narnain - Saturday 7th May 2016

ReportsPosted by Webmaster Sun, May 08, 2016 16:11:11
This walk was originally entitled “Beinn Narnain via A’Chrois”, however, following a recce a few days beforehand, the joint leaders, Ann and Robert Bain, took the decision to change the route because of areas of lingering snow cover around A’Chrois. The revised route followed the main path from the car park at Succoth towards The Cobbler and Beinn Ime, passing the Narnain Boulders and ascending Beinn Narnain from the west. The return journey was along the same route (see below).

The distance covered was 13km (8.1 miles) and the time taken was just over 6 hours.

During the course of a normal walk, you generally finish with the same number of walkers that you start with. This walk was somewhat different. Before leaving Kirkintilloch, there were 12 of us. This had reduced to 11 by the time we arrived at Succoth, but increased to 13 when we set off. Shortly afterwards, the number was down to 11 again and then 10. After lunch, we reached a new low of 8 but then we found the back marker and had increased to 9. Finally, before we headed back to Kirkintilloch, we were 11 strong. Beat that!

Getting ready to go:

Coffee break at the reservoir:

The Cobbler (Ben Arthur):

At the Narnain Boulders:

Starting the climb towards Beinn Narnain:

Beinn Ime:

The summit of Beinn Narnain (926m):

Starting the descent:

Back on the main path:

Time for a breather (with Ben Lomond in the background):

Thank you to Ann and Robert for a memorable walk and all the hard work that went into the recces. It was tough going at times and I imagine many of us were feeling the pain afterwards. However, the weather was kind and it was well worth it for the sense of achievement, great views and excellent company. smiley

Photos by Evelynsmiley

Glen Finglas Reservoir – Saturday 11th April 2015

ReportsPosted by Webmaster Fri, April 17, 2015 13:34:54

The weather forecast for the day ahead was not encouraging as 18 of us gathered at Southbank car park to make our way to Callander and the start point of the walk near Brig o’Turk. The first surprise of the day was the sign for the car park. Formerly known as Little Drum, for some reason it is now called Little Druim! There were no surprises with the weather. As we have come to expect in Scotland, we got the full four seasons’ experience with sun, rain, sleet, hail and strong winds over the course of the day. Certainly not a day for many photos.

The route is shown below. The distance covered was 13 km (8 miles).

A seat with a view:

Time to wrap up well:

Some blue sky appears as we get closer to the reservoir:

Further on, as we climbed down to join the track running alongside the reservoir, we were frequently passed by small groups and individual cyclists travelling in both directions. We soon discovered that a cycling challenge event was in progress and shouts of ‘bike’ could be heard every few minutes as we made our way along the track.

The planned lunch stop was a viewpoint overlooking the reservoir which was located at the furthest out point of the walk. However, just as we reached it, the weather closed in and we had to seek shelter as the wind got up followed by sleet and rain. Lunch over, we started to retrace our steps back along the track in the direction of Brig o’Turk.

Not long afterwards, those at the front of the group witnessed one of the riders taking a tumble from his bike. He landed on his shoulder and he appeared also to have suffered a head knock. Hilary immediately took charge and quickly established that Michael’s injuries were not too serious. Making good use of her first aid skills, she got him back on his feet and, although unable to ride his bike, he was able to walk unaided. With no mobile signal available and no sign of any event officials, we gained an extra companion for the walk back to Brig o’Turk. Moira volunteered to push Michael’s bike and was helped out by Alan G further down the track.

Having left Michael in good hands, we continued to the newly opened Glen Finglas Visitor Gateway and then back to Little Druim car park where Charlie proposed that the ‘Walker of the Week’ award should go to Hilary for her expertise in dealing with the day’s drama.

Many thanks to Charlie for a varied and interesting walk, well led as always.

Creag nan Gabhar – Sunday 28th September 2014

ReportsPosted by Webmaster Fri, October 03, 2014 17:52:25

The ‘high’ walk scheduled for the Sunday of the Braemar walking weekend was Creag nan Gabhar, a Corbett (834m). The start point at Auchallater was only a five minute drive from our base at the Fife Arms Hotel and had the added advantage of being at 360m which meant that our overall ascent for the day was less than 480m. With Freda and Christine added to the ranks of the ‘usual suspects’, a healthy sized group of 17 took to the hills.

The route is shown below and covered a distance of 15.8km (10 miles).
From the car park at Auchallater we had a gentle ascent along the start of Glen Callater before climbing up a zig-zag path to Sron Dubh (which apparently means Black Nose!). We then followed the wide grassy ridge to reach Sron nan Gabhar where we stopped for a well-earned coffee break. Continuing on the ridge, we reached our goal of Creag nan Gabhar at 834m.

Retracing our steps for a short distance, we then started our descent towards Bealach Buidhe and onwards to Loch Callater where we enjoyed lunch on the beach. On the way back, some of the group climbed to the top of a small hillock to see a commemorative cairn to mark Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee.

As we made our way to have a look inside the bothy at Lochcallater Lodge, we were attacked by a couple of hungry ponies looking for some food, adding a bit of excitement to the day. After that, the return journey along Glen Callater was rather uneventful, although the sun did appear as we got closer to the car park.

The climb begins:

Sron Dubh (Black Nose, 584m):

A rather misty view of Loch Callater:

Creag nan Gabhar (834m):

Lunch on the beach: Anyone for a paddle?

Commemorative cairn:

Is that a carrot in your pocket?

Our thanks to all who joined us for a walk which turned out to be a bit out of the ordinary.
I knew the ponies would mess up!

Evelyn and Archie

Glas Maol Circuit – Saturday 27th September 2014

ReportsPosted by Webmaster Fri, October 03, 2014 13:12:59

The ‘high’ walk scheduled for the Saturday of the Braemar walking weekend was Lochnagar, however a small group had already done this walk on a previous occasion and the Glas Maol Circuit was offered as an alternative. As two carloads headed towards Ballater and the challenge of Lochnagar, a smaller group of 5 made their way to the Cairnwell Ski Centre to tackle a cluster of hills on the east side of Glen Clunie.

This walk follows the initial route as the walk with the same name described in Walkhighlands, however instead of covering four Munros, this version includes three Munros and one Munro Top – Carn an Tuirc, Cairn of Claise, Glas Maol and Meall Odhar (Munro Top). The route is shown below and covered a distance of 15.6 km (8 miles).
Ready for the challenge with the 1st Munro (Carn an Tuirc) in the background:

The gradient is gentle at first but becomes steeper and rockier as the summit of Carn an Tuirc is reached. Having reached this plateau area, the remaining two Munros are straightforward. From Glas Maol, the descent is via Meall Odhar to the start point at the Cairnwell Ski Centre.

The summit of Carn an Tuirc (1019m):

From the summit of Carn an Tuirc, we headed east and made a small detour to take a look at the spectacular Coire Loch Kander.

Coire Loch Kander:

Coire Loch Kander (Take 2):

From here we headed South then South West to claim the two remaining Munros before descending to Meall Odhar and back to the starting point.

Cairn of Claise (1064m):

Glas Maol (1068m):

And finally, Meall Odhar (922m):

Meall Odhar (Take 2):

We were fortunate with the weather. It was bright and, although the wind was strong at times, we managed to avoid any rain. All-in-all, it was a worthwhile day in the hills with some terrific views.

Photos courtesy of Evelyn and Frank.

Walking Weekend in Braemar - 26th to 29th September 2014

ReportsPosted by Webmaster Tue, September 30, 2014 13:31:30

What a great weekend it was.

This was due to a lot of hard work on our behalf by some of our members. Our thanks go to Anne Clarke for all that was involved in arranging our accommodation at the most reasonable of rates. We were very sorry that she could not be with us due to injury and family commitments. She was greatly missed.

Thanks to Ann & George Martin, Archie & Evelyn Leishman, Ann Langley and Stuart Ferguson for leading walks.

They provided us with three levels of walks each day. A lot of panting, peching and plodding over paths, tracks, hills and mountains took place to give us these wonderful walks. We walked by rivers, through beautiful woodland, up magnificent mountains and hills to return to the hotel where we racked our brains to solve Alan's quiz and enjoy the fun and camaraderie of the club. How they managed to arrange the weather as well remains a mystery!

Thank you once again for a super weekend.

Dumyat and Cocksburn Reservoir - Saturday 6th September 2014

ReportsPosted by Webmaster Wed, September 10, 2014 16:00:53

The scheduled walk for Saturday was cancelled due to injuries of both leaders. However, the old stalwarts of the club had a very quick discussion and it was decided we would head for the Ochils with George as leader. 15 of us set off and parked at the Sherrifmuir Road then headed uphill to Dumyat. The weather was great and views were excellent. There was a bit of huffing and puffing from time to time but it was a lovely walk ending up back at Cocksburn Reservoir.

Legs and tongues were well exercised and it was great to have a few members who have not walked with us for a while. Also, welcome to Hammy - hope you will become one of our regulars.

Thanks, George, for a great walk – not the first time you have saved the day and we did appreciate it.

Lunch time - Very important part of the day:
Report by Anne Wilkie

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