Walk Reports

Walk Reports

Walk Reports

Reports and comments on scheduled walks.

Bridge of Weir led by Liz Paterson

ReportsPosted by Liz Paterson Mon, September 12, 2016 22:23:49

On Saturday 10th Sept 14 of us left Southbank in Kirkintilloch to travel to Bridge of Weir to start today' s walk. This was led by myself as Frances is still out of action. It was a lovely sunny day and most of us were very surprised as the previous days weather was atrocious, with torrential rain and high winds. When we arrived at the car park, I introduced myself and the group to two new members, who had been in touch with me earlier on in the week. We walked the old railway line from Bridge of Weir to Kilmacolm which is now a national cycle track. Halfway we stopped for morning coffee, then proceeded to the Pullman. (This is a pub at the end of the track) where we were able to use the facilities. We then retraced our steps to the road up to Knapps Loch. Fantastic scenery all round and after circling this we stopped for lunch. All fed and watered we then returned to Bridge of Weir where we had started from this morning. A very enjoyable day had by all and all ended in Aulds the coffee shop in the precinct before returning to Kirkintilloch. Photos courtesy of Ann Blair.

loch venachar 14th may

ReportsPosted by Liz Paterson Sun, May 15, 2016 22:44:19
Great turnout today.19 headed off from kirkintlloch to invertrossachs to walk this 7mile route. On leaving the car park and heading uphill we soon found out why we have such a beautiful country with some outstanding views from above the loch. We stopped here for our morning tea stop. Here we soaked up the sunshine and enjoyed the scenes. Tea over we headed towards the small lochan where we took a left and walked towards Glenney hill. At this point George took over the leadership for a short time and led us over a fence and uphill and onto the rob Roy way. Here we followed it and soon we were on the other side of the lochan where we found a fabulous spot for lunch. This is where I took over and led the walkers off the rob Roy way and we followed the track we had taken earlier in the day back to the car park and took in the views once again. A superb walk with super company. Thanks to George for helping me out as id originally planned to walk downhill and along the tarred road back to the cars. Walks like this one with fantastic weather and beautiful scenery make you really appreciate your own country. Bonnie Scotland. By Liz Paterson

Sat 7th May Auchincruive Trails Ayrshire

ReportsPosted by Liz Paterson Sun, May 15, 2016 21:33:50
A great walk led by Ann Martin on beautiful country paths around the old Agricultural College and along the river Ayr. The weather again was fine and dry with rain threatening a few times. We had similar circumstances to that of our other walk that day. We started with 20 walkers from Kirkintilloch and met 1 at the start of the walk but at the start of our third loop our numbers had fallen to 15 and at the end of the walk we accounted for all 21. Thanks to Ann again for a lovely day.

two loops in palacerigg country park

ReportsPosted by Liz Paterson Sun, May 15, 2016 21:20:30

7th May

Decent turnout today considering there 20 walkers away on an overseas walking holiday and others were at the Scottish Gathering at Strathpeffer. Today our walk was led by myself around Palacerigg Country Park. It was a lovely day and 9 of us enjoyed our walk around this beautiful country park. We started at the visitor centre and followed the blue route down through the Glencryan woods and past the Cumbernauld Flying Club. We were in luck as just as we were passing someone was flying there miniature model aircraft. We retraced our steps back to the visitor centre before crossing the road to follow the red markers. We were just about to pass the Tree Top Trail when Frances suggested we attempt it. I was very apprehensive, but as Frances as daring as she is led the way and being Leader felt I had to follow. This resulted in all 9 of us walking it. (just a pity we don't have a photo). On we went and followed the badger's trail. Then passed the golf course and finally back again to the visitor centre where we all enjoyed a coffee and chat before we said our Goodbyes.

Thank you Liz Paterson.

Avon Water and Green Bridge Chatelherault Country Park

ReportsPosted by Liz Paterson Sun, March 27, 2016 23:31:10

Today's walk was led by Liz Paterson and Frances Price.

After all the nice days that we've had recently the weather was very disappointing especially as it was Easter Saturday. This didn't deter 11 members turning out to go to Hamilton to do this walk. The walk started at the visitor centre and normally the Centre doesn't open till 10am, but as there were different events on in the park today the centre was open and we were able to use the facilities before starting our walk. The walk was a five and a half circular route with many undulating paths. At morning tea we were all treated to a lovely colourful plastic egg where inside was the lovely chocolate treats for a way of saying Thank you for supporting the leaders.

Even though it was raining constantly, we got quite a bit of shelter from the trees. After crossing the Green Bridge we had 110 steps to partake. After the climb we had another 2km then we were back at the Visitor Centre where we stopped for lunch. Some had lunch inside and others had theirs out in the patio area. This should have been the end of the walk, but we decided it was a bit early to call wolf, so we headed off on the monument trail. This was a path in the same direction as we had first taken, then we took a right and went past the Castle ruins and onto the marble monument at Barncleuth. We then returned to the Visitor Centre by the same track.

Verdict A wet walk but still enjoyed by all.

1 Notice Board 2. Morning treat 3. Fast flowing river Clyde

4. Green Bridge 5. 110 wooden steps.

Taymount Woods Stanley

ReportsPosted by Liz Paterson Sun, March 27, 2016 22:44:34

Another great turnout today to join Barbara and Hazel for today's walk around the beautiful sleepy village of Stanley. This was a circular walk on lovely paths and tracks. Just before our stop for lunch Barbara had the most important job as the leader she had to phone a signalman so she could get the ok to ensure all her party were safely across the level crossing and once we were all over safely then Barbara was able to relax and call lunch at a beautiful man made pond just below the train lines. It was actually like a summer's day. At the end of the walk our leaders asked if we would like to go to an ice cream parlour. Everyone was in agreement and this was a perfect end to an amazing walk.

Well done again Barbara and Hazel.

P.S Sorry no photos as Ann was absent but maybe just as well as the ice creams were HUGE.

Falls of Clyde 12th March

ReportsPosted by Liz Paterson Sun, March 13, 2016 22:00:44

Another fine Saturday morning and 18 of us left Southbank car park and headed to New Lanark. Today's walk was led by Shirley. We parked in the upper car park at the New Lanark Heritage Centre. We started firstly by walking downhill to the visitor centre where we had the opportunity to use the lovely facilities. Then the seriousness of the walk began. We walked on lovely pathways in the direction of Kirkfieldbank, but on route we stopped for our coffee stop at newly built fairy glen. What an amazing sight this was.

After reaching Kirkfieldbank, we were then on the other side of the river heading back in the direction of New Lanark. It was very muddy underfoot. The rain threatened a couple of times but never came to much. Lots of inclines in this walk and quite a number of steps, but all very manageable. Lots of waterfalls to be seen. Beautiful sights. Parts of the walk was re-routed due to the Perragon season. At the end of the walk Ann Blair gave the lovely Shirley a vote of thanks from the group.

East Lomond Hill Falkland Maspie Den

ReportsPosted by Liz Paterson Sun, March 06, 2016 21:44:01

5th March

13 of us left Southbank car park to head to Craigmead car park to start our walk led this week by Frances Price and Ann Martin. It was a beautiful spring morning and after a delightful car journey of just over an hour, we arrived at our starting point. This car park is obviously well used by walkers as it was very busy, but unfortunately the facilities were closed.It was a perfect day for our walk. We headed firstly in the direction of East Lomond Hill, but before the serious climbing began our leaders kindly suggested we have our morning Tea break. This was gratefully accepted by us all. When our break was over our Leader gave us an option. Some of the group decided to do the serious climb of the Lomond Hill and others opted for the easier trek, where we met up in the village of Falkland after descending 279 steps for our well deserved lunch break. After lunch we went through Maspie Den where in fact our endurance test started once again. Here we must have climbed another few hundred stone steps to reach a waterfall where we had to walk under it. No one got wet though. The sights on the walk were fabulous. Ann as usual has provided us with some great photos. All in All this was a super walk, well led by our leaders. Thanks.

P.S Sore thigh muscles on Sunday morning.

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