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Walk Reports

Walk Reports

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Darvel circular walk via Loudonhill

ReportsPosted by Liz Paterson Sun, May 13, 2018 21:49:56

12th May

What a beautiful morning and 13 walkers left Kirkintilloch to head to Darvel.

With the number being 13, we say 12 and the leader (myself Liz Paterson)

Well, What can I say about this walk! I think it breaks the record for the walk that has the most stiles in it. It had 21 and it was a STYLISH WALK. The scenery in the Irvine valley was absolutely amazing. In glorious sunshine from Darvel we headed up what is called the Bankers, a tarred path to the top of a hill and then onto the open hills passing farms and soon into the woods along the side of the Gower burn, where we had a lovely stop for morning tea.

The route now once again was onto a tarred minor road, again uphill and over open countryside to link up with a minor road down to pass the dis used quarry and then crossing the busy main road to link up the Loudonhill walkway.

Reaching the Spirit of Scotland monument, we stopped for our well deserved lunch.

Some were a bit apprehensive with the Hill in full view, as you never really know what s up a leaders sleeve. But to their great delight this was not in the agenda. Unknown to them on the return leg of the walk, it was their legs that would soon tell the tale of the record breaking walk with 21 stiles all along the old railway track leading back to Darvel.

Verdict Tired but Happy Ramblers.

Photos to follow Courtesy of Ann Blair.