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Coire Fhionn Lochan, Meall Briorach and Glen Catacol (Arran) - Saturday 12th May 2018

ReportsPosted by Webmaster Mon, May 14, 2018 12:30:10
By sheer co-incidence, an identical number of walkers (13), albeit at the earlier time of 05:30, set off from Southbank to travel to Ardrossan to catch the 07:00 ferry to Arran. What a day we had! The sun shone from early on and was still shining when we arrived back in Kirkintilloch after a wonderful day in Arran.

On arrival at Ardrossan, we were joined by Caroline for our ferry trip and when we reached Brodick, we had a welcoming committee of Eric and David McKenzie, who had made the sensible decision to stay overnight on Friday. Our group now comprised 16 eager hikers. After a pleasant bus journey almost half-way round the island, we set off from Mid Thundergay to head for Coire Fhionn Lochan. We stopped here for our coffee break in a beautiful setting. At this point, we split into two groups, the larger group continued the climb to Meall Briorach and the other group taking the more direct route to Glen Catacol. On three separate occasions during the steep descent into Glen Catacol, we came across some adders, either warming themselves in the sun or involved in some mating activity.

Both groups met up at the Glen Catacol Hotel for some well-earned refreshments in the beer garden before catching the bus back to Brodick and the waiting ferry. All in all, it was a terrific day in stunning scenery, wonderful weather and great company. Huge thanks to our leaders Alan C, Alan T and Eric. The time, effort and expense involved in carrying out the recces and in leading the walks on the day is very much appreciated.

The route taken by the main group is shown below: (Green=start, Red=finish)

Position on the island:

If anyone has any photos taken on the day, please feel free to add them to this report or, if you are unsure of the process, you can email them to me and I will do the necessary.

Some images added by Bob Cole:


Additional photos kindly submitted by Caroline: